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“I have found, through my lectures and workshops, that quilters really want to learn to create original patterns for portrait and pictorial quilts, but guilds just couldn’t come up with enough computers/software to book a workshop, so…I have spend the past seven months developing an online class to create the custom patterns and a short second class to complete the quilt.

I’ve used all my twenty-five years experience teaching college credit graphics classes (traditional and online classes) to make the classes easy to understand, informative, and fun. I’ve created hours of screen capture video tutorial explaining my every mouse move, have produced class handouts, and homework. We’ll have contact in the classroom via forums and chat sessions; best of all, the class is for all skill levels, beginners welcome. To provide personal attention, I’m planning to limit the class to six students. The first class will begin on February 28th.

I think this class will be helpful to quilters wanting to use their computers to create patterns and enjoy the fun, easy technique to produce memorable, realistic portrait/pictorial quilts.


I hope you’ll take a few minutes to view my website and visit the Prarie Schoolhouse page. I’d also encourage you to visit the Video Library page as there are quite a few movies my husband and I have produced. Some of the movies I’ve made reflect the spark of inspiration behind the quilts, others touch the hearts of quilters.”

Margaret Bucklew
Chiseled In Cloth

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One Response to “Meet Margaret Bucklew”

  1. janis keene on June 30th, 2011 at 9:10 am

    Hi Margaret,
    I will be taking your class in September in Georgetown that is sponsered by the Chisholm Trail Quilt Guild.
    I have a picgture I wanted to send you to havwe you fix it for me for class. After looking at your website I wasn’t sure where to send it and also wanted to know if you just wanted me to put a $40.00 check in the mail or do you want a credit card number?
    Please let me know- – looking forward to your class!!!!!
    Janis Keene

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