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kat-friends-christine-threshFrom Christine Thresh: Meet Kate and her friends. webpeopkateIf you have always wanted to be a fashion designer, now is your chance. Mix and match sleeves, bodices, skirts, pants, shorts, and even hairdos. Your scrap bag is your treasure chest for making these paper pieced people. There are over 60 master foundations to copy. These are more fun than paper dolls!

Quilt Design Northwest

Book, patterns and awesome “continuous line Applique” all on one site! How cool is that! Marjorie Rhine is the prolific designer for Quilt Design Northwest. I had a really hard time picking one pattern from her site to post here – I wanted them all 🙂

Here is Knittin’ Mittens, but check out her others, especially the Christmas ones near the bottom of the page. It’s never to early to start a Christmas Quilt.

Prettiest Paper Piecing

I am a huge fan of impressionist art so when I found The Designers Workshop and looked at a few of Eileen Sullivan’s paper piecing patterns, I thought “Oh, how pretty.” Then I saw this one and went “Wow!”.

Then I noticed that she has five pages of designs, and they are all very beautiful. Treat yourself to some eye candy and inspiration at The Designers Workshop.

Designer’s Blogs

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Quilt News presents new pattern and book information to shop owners and teachers while also providing resources for designers and quilting entrepreneurs. Designers are encouraged to submit their new designs to QuiltNews @ gmail.com (take out spaces) and shop owners and teachers are encouraged to check back often! :)

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