Fairfield Batting

We had a marvelous time at Spring Quilt Market in Portland learning about the newest in battings. Tracy, from Fairfield , told us about the Bamboo Batting, Corn and so much more. The little pink sampler quilt was the softest thing I’ve touched in quite a while. Based in Fairfield, Connecticut, they are making a significant effort to bring responsibility to quilting.

From their website “….This is a watershed moment in crafting. As an environmentally conscious company and industry leader, it is our responsibility to develop high quality products that minimize the impact on the environment. From renewable resources through to green manufacturing processes and superior products, the greening of the craft industry has begun.”

Read more here……

Prairie Sky Quilting

While I am partial to the Crazy Shortcut Quilts method of quilt-as-you-go and its sloppy cutting technique, at Spring Quilt Market I did watch a very well presented demo of the flip and sew method of quilt as you go (called Fun & Done) by Prairie Sky Quilting that produces some stunningly precise patterns. Very pretty.

Penny Haren’s Pieced Applique

Penny Haren has spent years perfecting a new technique that turns the tables on traditional applique. Available soon from Landauer Corporation, her new book is sure to be as big a hit as her Schoolhouse Sessions were at Quilt Market.


I watched a demo and was able to handle this new product, Mistyfuse. It’s almost as light as air, with no stickiness. The demo showed how to save 3 steps in transferring designs to the fusible by using a no.2 lead pencil and parchment (baking parchment on a roll). When we were all done ooohing and aahhhing, she showed us how to dye the fusible and use it as an overlay for art quilting. I can’t wait to get started!

The Wooden Bear

Check this out for just plain cute! The Wooden Bear was a very well put together booth with adorable quilts.

She greeted us eagerly and graciously consented to having her photo taken.

Smith Street Designs

When I am compelled to take 3 photos of one booth, you know they have some knock out quilts. Smith Street Designs.

There are hundreds of pattern designers at Quilt Market, and I’ve been to 8 or 9 Markets over a span of 9 years and I’ve never taken 3 photos of 1 booth.

Renaissance Ribbons

I’ve never seen such beautiful and creative ribbonry. I’ll start you off at their exclusive designs page….

Quilters Hangup

Pre-made quilt sleeve on a roll. Brilliant! Quilters Hangup is going to be the new “gotta have”. For quilters, shops, longarmers and show organizers, here’s an answer to that last minute issue of having to put a regulation sleeve on a quilt for a show. Read Teri’s story here…..we wish her luck on what is sure to be a very successful journey. Nicely done and nicely presented.

The Quilt Branch

I really enjoyed chatting with the Mary Jane of The Quilt Branch. Their booth was very well put together and the the “eye candy” (fabric) was nicely chosen and uniquely packaged. Their patterns show lots of variety and versatility.

Mary’s Cottage Quilts

Mary of Mary’s Cottage Quilts has a great sense of color and design. Her booth was pretty and we enjoyed looking at all of her quilts.

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