Update on CK Media

Nancy Nally, author of Scrapbook Update offers the inside view of the financial issues surrounding CK Media and the debts owed to the submitting designers and writers.

National Quilt Day March 21, 2009

Just a reminder that it’s three weeks away!

International Wardrobe for 18″ Dolls

international_frontJoan Hinds found a few more of this out-of-print edition and is offering them for sale on her website. Here is a direct link to her books page.

Lavendar & Lace

Cornelia Carpenter has some wonderful quilt designs over a range of subjects. Here is her patterns page where I found Majestic Macaws. I particularly liked her Coral Reef Series and her Classic Urns pattern from her Silhouette Series.

Learning about Vod Pod

http://vodpod.com/  I am not sure what it’s all about…….

Submission Guidelines

Quilt News is a blog about quilting related information, mostly patterns, but related items are usually acceptable. If you submit something, please consider submitting also for a friend or associate too – everyone can use a little help.

Acceptable submissions: Notices of original quilt pattern designs offered for sale by the designer or her agent. Notice of new fabric designs. Notice of new videos on quilting. Notice of new accessories related to sewing and quilting. Notice of a new website or blog might be considered as well. If you are not sure about something, submit it! I’m a nice person (usually) and I want to help. If you find erroneous information here please let me know and give me a chance to correct it.

Not acceptable:

  • knockoff patterns – -if you can’t design something original don’t submit your copies here;
  • free patterns – – I am promoting quilters trying to earn a living using their talents and their craft;
  • “upcoming” patterns – – let me know when it’s printed and quilted and ready for sale;
  • EQ only patterns
  • membership sites
  • sites with no prices

In case you are wondering, here are the five “W’s”:

Who am I? Marguerita McManus. Professional quilter, former pattern designer & former longarmer. Published author, blogger.

What to send me? Send me an email and you can write your own text or I’ll do it, send me a condensed photo or tell me (with a link) where to find your photo on the internet and I’ll post a copy. It couldn’t be easier! The very best email has:

The title of the new item
A short blurb written by you that best describes the item to someone who has never seen it before
Links to your website and blog
A small jpeg or gif of the item
Thanks for publishing!

When to send? Send anytime. I publish when someone sends me notices and when I have time to surf the internet for interesting items.

Where do I send my notices? Send info to quiltnews @ gmail.com – – take out spaces

Why? I do this because I enjoy it. You should submit because every bit of internet exposure can help grow your identity on the internet, in the quilting community and increase your sales.

The two extras:

How long? Your info and the post stays up as long as Google lets it and forever unless I am given a reason to delete it.

How much? It’s free. It’s probably going to stay that way too. As long as it’s working for designers and fun for me, we all benefit.

Lastly, I am the editor of this blog. Don’t argue with me about my submission guidelines.

Designer’s Blogs

About Quilt News

Quilt News presents new pattern and book information to shop owners and teachers while also providing resources for designers and quilting entrepreneurs. Designers are encouraged to submit their new designs to QuiltNews @ gmail.com (take out spaces) and shop owners and teachers are encouraged to check back often! :)

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