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So, everybody has a blog but you. What is so great about blogging? Here’s a short video and afterward, a few key points.

Really, the best way to understand blogs and their usefulness for quilt designers, is to read some and see what the designers have done with them and how they are using them. Using the link text below, take a look at the page full of snippets of designers’ blogs and click on the titles to any of the blogs and have some fun, make some notes and come back here for help or ideas!

Click here to look at designer’s blogs.

Here’s a list of sites that can help you:

Using WordPress for content management

The bare minimum of items you should have on your website & blog:
Introduction to yourself with photo
contact information (email)
links to your other efforts on the internet
memberships in groups or organizations

All viewers look for comonality; where you live, how many kids you have, your pets, your interests and your participation online and offline. It is your best interest to give readers every possible way to feel a connection to you.


Start with the best, is a content (website & webstore) platform (tool) that also fits blogging. There is a learning curve, but the cost is *free*!

Buy a book (I bought WordPress for dummies because it had the best reviews) or learn online from the tutorials on WordPress and start building. If you can’t take the learning curve, start with a free blog on (notice that the .org and .com are different? .org is powerful but requires you to learn, whereas the .com is click and go).

Before you either build your own or hire a web designer, do a lot of looking. Note what you like (colors, size of text, font, column layout, etc.) and don’t like. I recommend surfing the Quilt Designers Blog Ring and clicking through to their websites.

Here’s an example of an almost perfect web presence Poorhouse Quilt Designs

I highly recommend that you build your own website for the same reason that I think you should make your own quilts – it is your face to the world on the internet and if you build it you’ll take the time and effort (and have the know how) to keep it fresh and new.

In my experience the designers who pay to have their sites made rarely update them, and why would anyone want to come back and look at it more than once if it is never updated? Two, they don’t blog.

Here’s a little marketing tip in the website page: I more than doubled the number of people who visit my website by blogging. I am not alone in that statistic – -it happens to most of the designers who blog.

Free Tools to make your website better

Don’t Make these mistakes If you did, please fix them

Or these …

Some great insight about the internet.

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